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A transitional community to help homeless veterans "get back on their feet" again! The village consists of thirty (30) tiny-homes and a community center. It is designed to create a community environment where homeless veterans can reside, gather, and receive physical and mental health services, education and job training.

"No Veteran Should be Homeless!"

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the need

By addressing the needs of the veterans, this transitional housing program, combined with the educational and job training opportunities made available, will give these veterans the hand up they deserve, to help them transition from the battlefield out of homelessness and on to a brighter future.

Our goal is to turn the lives of these veterans around, both immediately and for the long term. We do not intend to simply provide a roof over the heads of veterans; but rather, the Golden Isles Veterans Village is designed to address the many factors that led the veteran to become homeless, to help them heal and to provide them with the skills necessary to reintegrate into society, and to learn and grow as individuals. Simply put, the Golden Isles Veterans Village is designed to provide healing and support to those who have given so much to this great country.

the village project

A community of 30 (thirty) tiny-homes and a community center located at 1403 G Street (corner of G Street and MLK Jr. Blvd.), Brunswick, GA.

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The Golden Isles Veterans Village addresses the complex factors associated with veteran homelessness and recognizes that miltary occupations and training do not always transfer to the civilian workforce.

community support

This is a community project, supported by a number of wonderful businesses, corporations, individuals and community groups. We need YOUR support to make this project successful and give our veterans the "hand-up" they deserve.


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Building and maintaining a community such as the GOLDEN ISLES VETERANS VILLAGE is very costly. We need your financial assistance! There are many ways you can donate; make a one time donation, create a monthly donation, participate in our "brick by brick" promotion, donate needed materials, etc.

Thank you for helping our homeless veterans!