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A transitional community to help homeless veterans "get back on their feet" again! The village consists of thirty (30) tiny-homes and a community center. It is designed to create a community environment where homeless veterans can reside, gather, and receive physical and mental health services, education and job training.

"No Veteran Should be Homeless!"

the issue

(According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs)

Veteran homelessness in the United States is a sobering situation. When enlisted persons puts their life on the line for our country, they should be welcomed back to a warm home and a loving family, not the destitute circumstance of having to sleep on park benches or in cardboard boxes.

  • The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 76,000 veterans sleep on the streets every night.
  • Half of homeless veterans have NO shelter on any given night
  • 53% of the homeless veteran population are disabled, 50% suffer from mental illness, and 66% suffer from substance abuse.
  • 50% of homeless veterans served in the Vietnam War while 66% of homeless veterans have served within the last three years, and 33%have served in active war zones.
  • Half of homeless veterans have NO shelter on any given night
  • Despite the fact that only 8% of the U.S. population can claim status as a veteran, veterans make up 1 7 % of the homeless population.

the village project

A community of 30 (thirty) tiny-homes and a community center

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Buidling Tiny Homes
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The Golden Isles Veterans Village addresses the complex factors associated with veteran homelessness and recognizes that miltary occupations and training do not always transfer to the civilian workforce.

community support

This is a community project, supported by a number of wonderful businesses, corporations, individuals and community groups. We need YOUR support to make this project successful and give our veterans the "hand-up" they deserve.


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Building and maintaining a community such as the VETERANS VILLAGE is very costly. We need your financial assistance! There are many ways you can donate; make a one time donation, create a monthly donation, participate in our "brick by brick" promotion, donate needed materials, etc.
Thank you for helping our homeless veterans!